Freitag, 30. Mai 2014

REVIEW: La Flingue - Discografia / 3 Maxis

LA FLINGUE – Discografia / 3 Maxis
CD | 5-Label-Co-Release | 18 Songs - 30:26
minutes |

Okay, this review actually covers the three 12inches by this French band, released in 2013 and 2014 on P.Trash and Crapoulet Records. For this CD LA FLINGUE put all the 18 songs from these releases on one compilation (co-release of the labels Sad Punk Discos, Todo Sana Records, Chica Psicotica Records, Revolver Records and Subterranea Records) for their south-american tour in spring 2014.

If you haven't been hiding in a cave for the last 10 years you definitely know that France not only has fine wine, tasty baguettes and the damn "Front National" but also a buncha excellent bands for snotty 77-Punkrock with a Garage-edge. LA FLINGUE is kinda an all-star band from that scene, cuz here you'll find some dudes in the line-up that played in the HATEPINKS, IRRITONES and AGGRAVATION before. So these monsieurs definitely know their business!

All in all all those tracks don't offer some very new exciting sounds. But I don't think you've been expecting that, huh?!? One of the main "trademarks" for LA FLINGUE might be, that they like to sing some songs in German, which sounds interesting and also makes me think of some old Hamburg bands like BIG BALLS & THE GREAT WHITE IDIOT or the "Paranoia in der Straßenbahn" sampler. And you also find a coverversion of 999's "Homicide" here. Cool! So: No big surprises here, but very well performed - with lotsa snot, anger and nihilism. If you're a bunker kid and dig this sound you sure can do nothing wrong with one of the 12inches or this comp-CD.

Montag, 26. Mai 2014

REVIEW: Masked Intruder - M.I.

CD/LP | Fat Wreck Chords | 13 Songs - 30:12
minutes |

Second album by these colorful dudes. Their debut already was a real good one for all oldschool Poppunk-lovers around the world and I often ask myself if some bands have a special "recipe" for their sound. For MASKED INTRUDER it might work like this: Take 40 parts CHIXDIGGIT and mix 'em with 30 parts NERF HERDER. Take this mixture and add 10 parts WEEZER and 10 parts GREEN DAY. And when you think this doesn't taste exciting enough just take 10 parts PUSSY RIOT ski-masks for the spicing. And there you have it: A tasty and almost perfect album for the Punkrock-summer 2014!

I say "almost perfect" cuz the sound is absolutely perfect but for my liking a little bit too polished. But well, anyways... You definitely get washed away by this big wave of bubblegum-melodies and the totally pointless/dead-serious lyrics about nerd-love, beautiful girls, geek-love, unreachable girls, getting out of prison, weirdo-love, stalking girl's houses, lovers against the law, lonely saturday nights and - of course - love in general. And ski-masks! And with "Almost like we're already in love" MASKED INTRUDER also have a genuine doo-wop a-capella song on this album. Well done gentlemen!

The band also tours Europe this year, I think I'll be there! Here are the dates: